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Avelyn is doing really well in algebra lately. Whatever you did to lay a foundation I am so thankful for. She had been getting A's and now is doing a really great job solving quadratic equations on her own! I have tears in my eyes even writing that! Wow!


Pre-Algebra and Geometry

Thank you so much! The children love class. Micah especially loves Judy! He gets so upset when he has to miss class. I appreciate you arranging this for him.

Jennifer G.

Algebra 1 and Geometry

My son wants to be an engineer but he's been struggling with Algebra 1. Today we met an amazing teacher/tutor who not only made it through 4 levels of college calculus (I didn't know there was such math!), but she's an engineer with the same challenges he has. 

Tammy S testimonial.JPG


Algebra and Geometry

These are great classes for a fantastic price! My children take classes with His Vessel Academy and love it.



Mary, you and Mrs. Judy both run amazing math classes. I appreciate the kind words of encouragement and detailed info that you leave for my 3 kids.

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