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Jennifer G

Her son took Algebra 1 and Geometry

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Her daughter took pre-algera

Her son took pre-algebra

Her children took pre-algebra and geometry

Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: What is the class like?

Answer: Answer: Watch the first unit here, Youtube these are recorded for promotion and not actual class sessions.


Question: What if my child just doesn't get math?  Will you work with them to help?

Answer: Yes we have the ability to meet with students individually if needed.  I meet many students continually before or after class or even a different day of the week to help them understand the material.


Question: Can my child watch the live session on a cell phone? 


Answer: Although it is not ideal, as chat may be limited, but yes.


Question: Is there an orientation to teach my child how to use online?

Answer: Yes, the week before school starts there will be several times for her to attend an orientation.  We want to make sure she knows how to navigate live session, the classroom, and turn in assignments before we begin the actual class.


Question: Will there be a test available to see if my child is ready for algebra I or geometry?

Answer: Yes, I can send you a pre-test if you request it via email, but I will not require it.  I feel you know your child and will know if he can handle the material. Also our staff will meet with your child even before you pay to evaluate if he/she is ready for the classes we offer.  Set up a time with us; we would love to meet you online!!  


Question: Will there be a lot of other students in my child's class?

Answer: No, we are capping all classes at 25.  We will start a new section at the same time if we have too many students in a class, or offer a different time if needed.  But you will be given the choice of a new time or keep the same time.  If your child is registered in a math class, every time we open a new section , we will be notifiying all the parents of the new time in case it works out better for your schedule.  It will also be updated on the webpage.