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This class will begin on Tuesday, August 27, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM EST and

will end on Thursday, May 8th.

Course Length

This course is a two-semester class that runs for 32 weeks. It meets two days a week for one hour.


Students have access to all digital materials provided in the classroom. 

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Join Us

This live, interactive math class is designed for students in junior high. Each week, we’ll dive into math concepts together in a fun and engaging way! You’ll receive timely feedback on your assignments to help you track your progress and improve. This class is essential for building strong math skills. Attending the live sessions is important for success, but if you miss one, don’t worry—recordings will be available for a week. Our teacher is highly qualified and experienced in making math understandable and interesting.

In this class, you'll gain valuable tools to boost your confidence in math. You’ll learn to solve problems effectively and think critically. My goal is to help you become a strong, confident math student who can tackle any problem with ease.


This class is a PreAlgebra math class.  A student must recieve a 78% or higher on the pretest to join this class.  We want your child to succeed.


During class, math concepts will be explained, and modeled. Students will also gain knowledge of the math conepts by practicing and completing their homework assignments. 

Mrss. Ebbing is available before or after class for additional questions on the previous days assignment.  Be prepared to meet with her if you need help. 

All Assignments will need to be scanned or photographed and turned into the appropriate dropbox by the student.  There will be 2 assignments per week due by 3:00 PM EST the day after class for prompt grading.

Orientation for this class is on August 22 at

9:00 AM 

Technical Requirements

A computer with high-speed internet with a headset, working camera, and microphone.

All assignments are turned in via Canvas.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents are the primary educators. Although, this is more of a student led class. Our goal is to come alongside you to teach math concepts presented in the book and in class, and explain techniques to help your child succeed. Please provide a quiet learning environment, this will help keep your students on task during class time. Check to see if your child has completed the assignments and turned it in the day after a class.  There is an assignment after all classes.  Have your child contact the teacher if they are stuggling or taking more than an hour of diligent time to complete the assignment.

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