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God Asks Us to Move

God is constantly moving us. We need to see the negative exponent as a move. So when you have x^-1, this means that x needs to move from the numerator to the denominator. If you realize that this is a symbol of movement then it is easier to understand. So let's look at this from God's ideas. If you are someone who is in the spot light of ministry sometimes God asks you to step down and be more of a supporting role. This means you went from x^-1 to 1/x because God asked you to move. Now if you don't have a negative in your exponent then God is not asking you to move (right now). Also realize it can go both ways. Say God wants you to move out of the supporting role and into a more prominent role. This means you have 1/x^-1 so x is moving from the denominator to the numerator. Regardless of where God is calling you, if you have a negative exponent He is asking you to move. So MOVE.

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