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Greetings, IEW enthusiasts! My name is Joann Johnson, and I understand that teaching IEW can be quite daunting for many parents. However, I am here to lend you a helping hand by utilizing my over 15 years of experience in teaching this subject to your child. With my exceptional skills, I can assure you that your child will not only learn IEW but also develop the ability to write effectively. My classes are designed to be lively and engaging, making the learning process a fun and entertaining experience for your child. I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to teach your child the art of writing.

My Story

Joann received a B.S.N. from Widener University and a Master’s in Education from St. Joseph’s University. After working in the nursing field for many years, Joann began homeschooling her nine children in 1997. Her family resides in southeastern Pennsylvania, where they raise dairy goats, chickens, and sheep and are actively involved in 4H.

Over the years Joann has been the administrator for two different hybrid schools as well as a homeschool co-op. After discovering IEW®, she realized that the amazing Structure and Style® writing method works for students of any learning style, including those with learning differences. Using IEW's Structure and Style method, she has taught her own children online classes and co-op classes and tutored one-on-one.

Joann is very enthusiastic that every child can learn to write when given the proper tools and practice. Children may not all love to write but all of them can learn to do it adequately.

Online classes can be difficult for students to feel part of a class. Knowing this, Joann works to help her students feel connected in the classroom and part of a group. She encourages verbal participation and allows webcam use when possible for public speaking with parental permission.

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