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Mary Carroll

Mary has consistently demonstrated a profound dedication to teaching and sharing her faith with students. During the course of eight years, she expertly homeschooled her children while concurrently pursuing and ultimately obtaining a degree in electromechanical engineering from Miami University. Following her children's graduation, Mary continued to pursue her educational goals and obtained a Master's in Education from Xavier University. She subsequently embarked on a career as a mathematics teacher, leveraging her extensive educational background and her passion for teaching.

Over the course of six years, Mary gained valuable experience teaching online at the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and furthered her expertise by earning a blended online learning certificate from the esteemed University of Cincinnati. She currently holds a valid teaching certificate in the state of Ohio for grades 7-12 mathematics.

Mary's personal life is marked by over three decades of happy marriage and the joy of raising three children. Her oldest son, Mark, and his wife, Wenting, have a son named Andrew. Her younger twins, Christopher and Rachael, are also married. Christopher has one child: Abigail, and Rachael has two children: Hayley and Jaxson. Beyond her family responsibilities, Mary is an avid traveler, having explored destinations such as China, Guatemala, Brazil, and various locations throughout the United States.

Professionally, Mary is a dedicated high school mathematics teacher and the owner and manager of His Vessel Academy. This esteemed educational institution is deeply committed to creating an educational environment that incorporates God's presence into every subject and classroom and promotes a holistic approach to education. Mary is currently engaged in writing and developing the curricula for His Vessel Academy, which incorporates a problem-based framework that emphasizes rich problem-solving while integrating Biblical lessons.

Stephanie Larson

With a successful thirty-year career in finance, I made a life-changing decision in 2010 to become a school teacher when my son was five years old. Following the loss of my husband in 2008, I pursued my interest in instructional multimedia, earning a second master's degree in education in 2009. Since then, I've been teaching history, algebra, and English in St. Petersburg, Florida's public school system.

Originally from Colorado and Rhode Island, I earned a bachelor's degree in economics from Trinity College in D.C. After working at the Bank of Boston; I extended my banking journey into mortgage finance before obtaining a master's in business administration from the University of Tampa. In 2016, I transitioned to homeschooling with a focus on our relationship with God, a move that prepared us well for pandemic education via Zoom. Presently, I continue to work as a substitute teacher two days each month and actively support my son in completing his high school diploma through homeschooling. Additionally, I teach and tutor online while enjoying camping, paddling, and road trips with my son and our beagle dog, Cortez.

Judy Ebbing

Judy is an accomplished professional educator with a wealth of experience in math and science education. She holds a Master's Teacher certification from Xavier University and is a National Board Certified Teacher. Over the course of her distinguished career, Judy has served as a lead teacher in math and science classrooms, as well as a STEM Lab Teacher and Coordinator. She has also developed curricula at the district level for both math and science.

Judy's most rewarding teaching experiences have been working with students of all abilities, including gifted, average, and struggling learners. She is passionate about tailoring her approach to meet the unique needs of each individual child and is dedicated to assisting parents in homeschool settings.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Judy is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. She is actively involved in her faith community and serves as a leader in her women's church group. She is currently engaged in writing and developing a curriculum for His Vessel Academy, which incorporates a problem-based framework that emphasizes rich problem-solving while integrating Biblical lessons.


Judy teaches pre-algebra and pre-pre-algebra (6th/7th) grade

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Joann Johnson

Joann received a B.S.N. from Widener University and a Master’s in Education from St. Joseph’s University.  After working in the nursing field for many years, Joann began to homeschool her nine children in 1997.  Her family resides in southeastern Pennsylvania where they raise dairy goats, chickens, sheep, and are actively involved in 4H.

Over the years Joann has been the administrator for two different hybrid schools as well as a homeschool co-op. After discovering IEW®, she realized that the amazing Structure and Style® writing method works for students of any learning style, including those with learning differences. Using IEW's Structure and Style method, she has taught her own children, online classes, co-op classes, and tutored one-on-one.

Joann is very enthusiastic that every child can learn to write when given the proper tools and practice. Children may not all love to write but all of them can learn to do it adequately.

Online classes can be difficult for students to feel part of a class. Knowing this, Joann works to help her students feel connected in the classroom and part of a group. She encourages verbal participation and allows webcam use when possible for public speaking with parental permission.

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