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5th Grade Math Class

This class will begin on Tuesday, September 3, from 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM EST and will end on Thursday, May 1st.

Course Length

This course is a two-semester class that runs for 30 weeks. The class meets 2 days a week for a half-hour.


Each student is required to purchase a copy of the student workbook. BJU 5th Grade 4th Ed workbook

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Join Us

This live, interactive math class is perfect for students in grade 5. Every week, we’ll learn together and have lots of fun! You’ll get your review assignments graded, so you can see how well you’re doing. This class will help you become great at math.


It’s important to come to the live class, but don’t worry if you miss one—recordings will be available for a week.


Our teacher is really good at teaching math and will help you understand everything.

In this class, you'll get awesome tools to help you feel confident about math. You’ll learn to solve problems and think clearly. My goal is to help you become a strong, confident math student who can solve problems well.


This class is a fifth grade math class.  Any student working on that level is encouraged to join. 


Parents are required to actively participate in the homework process. During class, math concepts will be explained, and modeled. Students will also gain knowledge of the math conepts by practicing and completing their assignments in the book. 

Review Assignments will need to be scanned or photographed and turned into the appropriate dropbox by the student  with parental assistance.

Orientation for this class is on August 22 at the time of your regularly scheduled class.

Technical Requirements

A computer with high-speed internet with a headset, working camera, and microphone.

Review Assignments are turned in via Canvas.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents are the primary educators. Our goal is to come alongside you to teach math concepts and money concepts presented in the book, and explain techniques to help your child succeed. Please provide a quiet learning environment, help keep your students on task during class time, complete the assignments, turn in the reviews for a grade, and contact the teacher with any concepts that need to be retaught .

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