3rd & 5th grade math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry & Real-world math  

3rd and 5th-grade math classes will be using BJU textbooks. The classes meet two times a week for a half-hour each.  Classes are recorded in case your child misses the class.

Visit our tuition and fees class for more information.

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, & Real-world math year-long class are 32 weeks of instruction with an hour lecture for two days a week. Total of 64 classes.

Attendance is required. If your child is unable tto attend, the class have him/her watch the recording and contact the teacher with questions.

How our classes work! Each hour-long session has a live teacher teaching your child. The teacher uses a variety of teaching modalities and the students are able to ask questions in real-time. An assignment is given at the end of each class to reinforce the topics covered in the live session. There are 5-8 lessons in each unit with interactive sessions and activities that help your child further explore the topic. Each unit has a project, below is a sample of a project in the Algebra class, a systems of equations unit.  

Combine like terms.JPG

ACT Prep class online that is offered to students to help navigate the tips and tricks of the test.  Click on the button  below to check it out.


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