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Hi! I'm Kate Hub, and I'm excited to be an elementary math teacher here at HVA. I have always had a heart for learning, and I still ask "why" questions as an adult, as curiosity is the mother of all learning!  I love the greatest Teacher ever, Jesus Christ, and seeing His pattern of teaching throughout scripture has taught me how to become a better teacher! I look forward to pouring my passion for learning into your child through God-centered math lessons, which will allow them to see how God and math are connected, resulting in practical applications in their everyday lives. 

My Story

With 19 years of experience teaching varying age groups online and in person, Kate displays a deep passion and love for conveying subject matters to those who desire to learn. Even though she is a grown adult, she believes you never stop learning and growing in your knowledge. Every day is a "school day," allowing you to learn something new or ask questions that facilitate learning. She loves taking topics from the known to the unknown and watching her students blossom as they allow their curiosity to lead them into exploration, which provides a rich experience of reward and satisfaction for their work and effort when they come to an answer. She exhibits compassion and patience towards her students and has a heart for those with special needs. Homeschooling her children who have dyslexia, she can understandably convey learning material for all, knowing that one learning style does not fit all students. She is an "outside-the-box" thinker who finds solving problems energizing when others say, "That's impossible." She is a dedicated pastor's wife, mom, and teacher and a lover of Jesus, books, and chocolate. She also enjoys writing, drawing, gardening, and spending time with her husband and three children. She is looking forward to teaching your child this year and watching them grow in their knowledge of mathematical concepts. 

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