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Algebra 2 - Self-Paced

This class is designed to allow your child to complete Algebra 1 at their own pace.  The course is designed to be completed in one year from the date it is started. Students will watch one to two 15-minute videos to instruct the students on the math concepts for that lesson.  


Students have access to all digital materials provided in the classroom. 

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Join Us

This self-paced math course is designed for high school students who prefer to learn at their own speed. Each week, you will explore advanced math concepts through engaging materials and assignments, which you can complete on your own schedule. To ensure you stay on track and fully understand the material, a teacher will monitor your progress and provide feedback. Weekly meetings with your teacher will give you the opportunity to ask questions, review challenging topics, and receive personalized guidance.

In this course, you'll acquire valuable tools to boost your confidence in math. You’ll learn to solve complex problems and think critically, all while enjoying the flexibility of a self-paced program. My goal is to help you become a strong, confident math student who can tackle any mathematical challenge with ease. With the combination of self-paced learning and regular support, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed in your math studies.


This class is an Algebra 1 math class.  A student must recieve a 78% or higher on the pretest to join this class.  We want your child to succeed.


This class is designed to allow your child to go at their own pace.  We strongly try to get a student through the subject in 1 year.  Sometimes it might take longer and that is ok.  

All Assignments will need to be scanned or photographed and turned into the appropriate dropbox by the student.  We encourage the students to complete 2 assignments a week to complete the class in a regular school year.

Technical Requirements

A computer with high-speed internet with a headset. All assignments are turned in via Canvas.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents are the primary educators.  Our goal is to come alongside you to teach math concepts presented in the book and in class, and explain techniques to help your child succeed. Please provide a quiet learning environment, this will help keep your students on task while watching the videos and during their teacher meetings. It is the parents responsibility to ensure the work is turned in.  Although, they will be meeting with a teacher, if no work is turned in by the time of the meeting, there will be no reason for the teacher to meet and the meeting will be cancelled.  Please inform your teacher of any vacations or other activities that might delay the completion of two assignments.   If for any reason you are not able to finish the class, it is up to the parent to reach out to the teacher after a month of continued attempts to contact the student. After 3 months of no contact or logging into the class, the student will be removed.

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